Our general terms conditions (GTC)

1. Field of application

For the business relation, which Online on the basis of the Internet order side of the FE-Flighttech (fe-flighttech.ch) resulted, count between the FE-Flighttech and the purchaser exclusively the following general terms conditions (GTC) in its frame valid at the time the order. The general terms conditions are based upon Swiss right and count worldwide.

A determination of this contract ineffectually should be/become or should contain the contract a space, the right effectiveness of the remaining determinations remains hereof untouched (severability clause). The same counts in the case a space of this GTC.

FE-Flighttech does not acknowledge would have agreed deviating conditions of the purchaser, unless, FE-Flighttech specifically in writing its validity.

2. Contract formation and concellation of a contract

The contract realization through it that FE-Flighttech suppose the contract offer delivered by your order through our order confirmation. The order confirmation includes the essential contents of your order. In misspelling, misprint and miscalculation on the websites, FE-Flighttech to the resignation is entitled. FE-Flighttech reserves itself us, also to carry out a creditworthiness test after contract conclusion and to resign in negative result of the contract.

The purchaser can revoke for its part the contract as far as the good was not used by the receiver. The repeal must result in writing (also per e-mail) or through return of the good within 14 days from the due entrance of the good in the receiver. Return costs and any damages that may occur at the good go at the expense of the purchaser.

3. Delivery

As far as differently does not arrange, the delivery results at the delivery address indicated by the purchaser. Indicated over the delivery time period are non-binding. All statements have references to single copies. The moment of the extradition is therefrom dependent whether FE-Flighttech has the good in stock. Please add the respective delivery time to the indicated availability.

If an article should be no longer available, we notify you per e-mail.

Carrier damage or incorrect deliveries must be reported FE-Flighttech within 10 days. The notification has to result in writing (also per e-mail).

4. Stock status display

Please consider that our inventories are adapted on the Internet running. This can lead to intersection. The statements to the inventories are therefore not binding. FE-Flighttech is striven however to inform the purchaser if possible up-to-date and to reduce the delivery time periods on a minimum.

5. Shipping and handling

The shipping and handling go at the expense of the purchaser. In Online orders per Internet, the following shipping charges shares count:

Deliveries within Switzerland:   Deliveries within Europe:   Deliveries outside of Europe:  
Invoice price: Shipping charges share: Invoice price: Shipping charges share: Invoice price: Shipping charges share:
Until CHF 100.-- CHF 9.-- Until CHF 100.-- CHF 37.-- Until CHF 200.-- CHF 45.--
Until CHF 200.-- CHF 7.-- Until CHF 200.-- CHF 32.-- Until CHF 700.-- CHF 35.--
Until CHF 500.-- CHF 5.-- Until CHF 500.-- CHF 27.-- Over CHF 700.-- Shippingcharges-freely
Over CHF 500.-- Shippingcharges-freely Over CHF 500.-- Shippingcharges-freely    

Defect good must be reported immediately the carrier/postal service!

6. Customs

In its importations into countries outside of Switzerland can occur importation duty. These go at the expense of the purchaser. The purchaser is responsible for the regular payment of the necessary duty and fees (importation duty). No shipping charges are importation duty.

The customs can open packages to the inspection. FE-Flighttech has on that no influence. Customs fees or importation fees is raised as soon as the package reached your country. Fees for the customs releases go at the expense of the puchaser. FE-Flighttech has not also can predict no influence on these fees its height.

7. Payment conditions

The purchaser pays the purchase price per credit card system on the Internet (PayPal) or per advance payment through transfer (bank transfer). In bank transfer, all occurring fees are to be carried through the purchaser.

8. Prices

The prices of the indicated were are end prices which include the value-added tax in the amount of 8.0% and other price components. They do not include the packaging and shipping charges.

9. Conditional sale

To the complete settlement of all claims existing against the purchaser, the delivered good in the property by FE-Flighttech remains.

10. Liability for defects

On our products, an one-year guarantee is performed as far as the parts became not through improper use useless.

Exists an of FE Flighttech to representing deficiency of the purchase thing, is obligated FE-Flighttech to the after fulfillment (deficiency removal or replacement delivery). FE-Flighttech to the after fulfillment is not because of disproportionate-ness in a position or not ready or delays has or strikes itself this over appropriate time periods out for reasons to represent that FE-Flighttech in other manner the after fulfillment false, is entitled the purchaser after its choice to demand a corresponding reduction of the purchase price or to resign of the contract and to demand compensation back out of the contract.

Our liability for own get into debt, as well as that of our legal representatives and fulfillment assistant is restricted to design and coarse carelessness. This does not apply to the lack of guaranteed characteristics. The liability after the product liability law remains untouched.

11. Limitation of liability

As far as following does nothing arise other, are going on claims of the customer, immediately out of which right reason, excluded. FE-Flighttech does not stick therefore for damages, that did not emerge at the delivery object itself; especially FE-Flighttech does not stick for the escaped profit or for other fortune damages of the customer. As far as the contractual liability excluded by FE-Flighttech, or restricted is, applies this also to the personal liability of employees, representatives and fulfillment assistant.

For operation and use of our products, each liability is rejected. FE-Flighttech is not present in the utilization of its products. Improper use cannot be reviewed and not prevented by FE-Flighttech. Manipulation at the product (e. g. opening) lead automatically to the loss of each guarantee claims.

The determinations of the product liability law remain hereof untouched. As far as FE-Flighttech injures carelessly a contract essential duty, the replacement duty is restricted for property damages on the characteristically emerging damage. If the after fulfillment in the way of the replacement delivery resulted, the purchaser is obligated in addition to return the first delivered good within 30 days at FE-Flighttech on its costs. The return of the deficient good has to result after the legal directions. FE-Flighttech reserves itself to make compensation under the legally regulated prerequisites validly. The limitation time period amounts to two years. Time period start takes place by means of delivery of the thing.

12. Data protection

The purchaser was instructed over type, circumference, place and purpose of the elevation, processing and utilization of the data required people-related for the execution by orders by FE-Flighttech in detail (see "privacy and data protection"). The purchaser agrees this elevation, processing and utilization of people-related data specifically.

13. Applicable law

The determinations of the Swiss law count, also if out of foreign countries orders or abroad delivered becomes. Jurisdiction for all claims in the context with your order is Schaffhausen SH. FE-Flighttech is entitled, also to complain at the general jurisdiction of the purchaser.

14. Price details

All price details are without guarantee. Reserve changes without prior announcements.

15. Privacy and data protection

The data transmitted by you are used of us exclusively to the settlement of your orders. All your data exertally confidentially are treated of us. A transmission of the data at third (e.g. delivery services) follows from us only as far as this is required for the order settlement. The order data are encoded and secured transmitted, we receive however no liability for the data security during these transmissions over the Internet (e.g. because of technical mistake of the provider) or for a possible criminal access third on files of our Internet presence. Access data for the customers logins, that are transmitted by request the customer at this, are to be treated receive by the customer exertally confidentially there we no responsibility at all for the utilization and use of these data.

16. Copyright

All represented external logos, pictures and graphics are property of the corresponding firms and be subject for copyrighting the corresponding licensor. All photos represented on these sides, logos, texts, reports, Scripte and program routines, which own developments by FE-Flighttech are or became prepares FE-Flighttech, may copy not without our agreement or used become other. Reserve all rights.

17. Other

We have no influence on that if articles are taken by our suppliers out of the program and are therefore no longer available or in type and execution changed became. Should by the supplier a replacement article offered become to us, will inform we you about that. A compensation claim because of no longer available article cannot be made against us validly. We reserve ourselves price changes of single articles.

18. Validity of the GTC

With an order, the general terms conditions are acknowledged of FE-Flighttech. A determination of these general business conditions, out of which reason are also always, void, should, the validity of the remaining determinations remains hereof untouched. Oral arrangements need the written confirmation.

Schedule: Cancellation policy

A) Right of withdrawal:

They can your contract explanation within two weeks (in instruction before contract expiry) and/or a month (in instruction after contract expiry) without statement of reasons in text form (e. g. letter, fax, e-mail) or through return of the thing revoke. The time period begins at the earliest with receipt of this instruction. To the protection of the revocation time period, the timely dispatch of the revocation or the thing suffices. The revocation in writing is to be caused:

  • Firm: FE-Flighttech
  • Name, First name: Füllemann Stefan
  • Street: Stigele 3
  • Zip code, City: CH-8261 Hemishofen
  • E-Mail: fe-flighttech@bluewin.ch
  • Internet-address: FE-Flighttech.ch

B) Right of withdrawal:

In the case a revocation, that are grant back on both sides of received achievements and to publish where appropriate pulled utilizations (for example interests). If you can grant back us the received achievement entirely or partially not at all or only in deteriorated condition, you must us so far where appropriate. Perform value replacement.

They can avoid the value replacement duty in that you do not take the thing like an owner in use and omit everything, what impairs its value.



Hemishofen, 20.06.2010