Flightlight BLS 30/MC

Release 5

A novel lighting module for model airplanes.

Lighting module for model airplanes
Lighting module for model airplanes

Flightlight BLS 30/MC is a novel programmable lighting module. It is very versatile, and very easy to program. Up to 8 outputs with a stabilised voltage (4.6 V) can be freely programd. The individual output can be charged with 1.5 A permanent current. The module can tolerate a sum of all outputs of 3 A. There are 16 different sequences (expandable) available. On the receiver you can each output of a switch or switch position assigned. As the input power source, 2S-4S LiPo batteries use (recommended 2S-3S). The lighting module detects itself the correct cell nomber (2S-4S). A Lipo-Saver is integrated, so that the module in the reach of the lower voltage himself switches off.

Ideally suited for the following scopes:

  • Lighting Systems
  • Modes lighting
  • Scale Models


There are 8 outputs available for the connection of LEDs. The individual output can with a permanent current of 1.5 Amper load. The total load of all outputs is at a maximum of 3 Amper. All of the outputs have a stabilized output of 4.6 volts. The LEDs need, because of the low voltage difference, only a small resistor with low power consumption. In order to program the module, simultaneously press on both buttons. So you enter the program mode. With the button by the red LED select the sequence of the respective output. The red LED indicates the sequence. With the button by the green LED you change the Output 1- 8. The flashing of the green LED shows the respective output, where the flashing sequence is assigned. At the end of the programming continuity switches the module itself  on operation and the outputs are activated. To program the receiver at the port must be a signal. So that every output can of a switch or spool position be assigned to. When you change the output in the program mode with the green button, the respective switch setting stored their remote control. For exhibitions you can enable the stand-alone mode. Turn off with the remote control the lighting of the model. Press the green button, turn the receiver off, and then you can release the green button. So are you in the stand-alone mode, the module also works without remote control. The Flightlight BLS 30/MC module detects itself the correct cell count (2S-4S). The prerequisite is that the Lipo-cell correctly and are fully loaded. When reaching the low-voltage, the eight outputs  and the green LED will be switch off. (Lipo-Saver)

Technical data
TYP Flightlight BLS 30/MC
Cell numbers (area) 2 up to 4 Lipo cell recommended 2S - 3S
Turn off voltage 6.2 V at 2S
9.2 V at 3S
12.4 V at 4S
Max. Voltage 17 Volts
Max. Current (permanent) (Sum of all outputs) 3.0 A
Outputs 8 (permanent current output 1.5 A flash up to 2.5 A)
Sequences 16 (expandable)
Weight (with cable) 16 g
Dimensions 25x50x10 mm
Stand-alone mode Yes
Short circuit neutralizing Yes
Heat protected no
Own consumption with turned on consumer < 50 mA
Own consumption with turned off consumer < 12 mA
Green LED Blink: Notices of the cell number
Duration lamps: Consumers turned on
Program mode: By the flashing display of the output
Red LED Blink (20 times): Consumers turned off: After that LED from
Duration lamps: Incorrect cell number
Program mode: View the sequence

For operation and use of the Flightlight BLS 30/MC, each liability is rejected.  Read our restrictions for use, retrievably on our web page.

Manufacturer: FE-Flighttech