Headtracker HT300

Release 16

Driftfree immersion flight and automatic resetting into the zero position

Headtracker HT300
Headtracker HT300

The HT300 is a Headtracker of the newest generation. Thanks to most modern digital technology and high-value sensors, the head movements of the pilot will transfer precise and driftfreely to the camera. 

After the installation, all values (servoway, directions, etc.) can be adjusted comfortably over the RC system. The system functioned after the principle "plag and play". At the Headtracker, you must undertake neither programming nor attitudes.

The HT300 is conceived for remote control, that are extension cash with givers (push regulator or switch). The connection at the remote control takes place via giver connections. These entrances are used drive horizontally around that and to drive that axis vertical. The teacher-student-system remains free for its normal use. Because in certain countries in the FPV flight a securitypilot is prescribed. (Switzerland, France). 

Suitable for expandable RC systems of:

  • Graupner/JR
  • Robbe/Futaba


For the horizontal axis, a Gyroscope- and for the vertical axis a slope sensor is used.  The HT300 must neither programmed nor adjusted become.  All attitudes, (means position, servoway, directions etc,) can be undertaken simple and comfortable over its remote control.  In the RC system, a small platinum is mounted.  This is connected with the giver connections and the transmitter rechargeable battery.  For the connection of the HT300 at the transmitter, one is included used connector connection.

New! Release 16. In the release 16, it is now possible, the size of the automatic resetting angle to program yourself. Look in the manual.

Technische Daten:
Typ HT300
Rotating speed (PAN, horizontal) 300° / s
Angle area (TILT, vertical) 180°
Resolution 256 Steps per servo way (horizontal und vertical)
Current consumption ca. 40 mA
Voltage 6 - 20 Volt
Reverse polarity protected Yes
Short circuit neutralizing Yes
Dimensions 50x35x15 mm
Weight ca. 50 g
Initialisation of the sensors completet LED on and two pip sounds
Center position swing range Reset-button
Safety switch Repatriation of the Servos in neutral position

For operation and use of the Headtracker HT300, each liability is rejected.  Read our restrictions for use, retrievably on our web page.

Manufacturer: FE-Flighttech