Lipo heater box LHK36/MC

Release 3.1

Protect your Lipo batteries against low temperature damages

Lipo- heater box LHK36/MC
Lipo-Heizkoffer LHK 36/MC

Even during the cold seasons there are nice days where getting your chopper or plane ready is well worth it!

We developed this heater box to prevent Lipo- and Li- batteries from overload and premature aging caused by low temperatures. The box tempers the batteries at temperatures between ca. 20 - 40°C (adjustable), so that you can put maximum load on Lipo batteries even during the cold seasons.

Cold batteries on one hand only have a low load voltage (less output) and on the other hand they are damaged by high workloads. Using the Lipo - heater box will prevent this efficiently. The box can be connected to a DC 12V adapter or a 12V car battery. Furthermore, a 3S Lipo-battery can be connected on the inside of the box. The Lipo-battery is protected by an intelligent electronic control system and which turns off the box in case of undervoltage. This way the box can be continuously used also at the airfield.


Ideally suited for the following scopes:

  • Pre-tempers Lipo-battery
  • Prevents premature aging
  • Prevents damage to the Lipo- battery
  • Lots of space for Lipo-battery
  • Very good, improved isolation


The Lipo heater box LHK36/MC was created to warm up batteries used for RC devices during the cold season, to prevent damages, and to increase the output of the batteries. The box well isolated and keeps the warmth at a constant temperature for a prolonged time, even when the power is disconnected. An intelligent control system regulates the temperature precisely. Temperature can be preselected between 20° and 40°C in 5°C increments with a button on the side of the box. In case you are using a 3S Lipo-battery to power your box, your box will be protected by an inbuilt Lipo-Saver. You will be alerted by beeps at intervals once the voltage reaches about 10.4 V. In case of an undervoltage of ca. 9.6 V, a beep informs you that the box will shut down. Afterwards only a current of about 1 mA flows so that the Lipo-battery will not get damaged.

A solar thermometer is installed in the lid of the box, indicating the temperature inside of the box. This way you get temperature information even when no source of electricity is connected.

Technical data
TYP LHK 36/MC Version 3.1
Stromversorgung DC 12V Netzgerät, 12V Autobatterie, 3S Lipo-Akku
Ausschaltspannungen (Lipo-Saver) 9.6 V bei 3S
Vorwarnspannung 10.4V
Max. Spannung 16 Volt
Max. Strom 3.2 A
Heizleistung 36 W
Gewicht ca. 4.2 Kg
Abmessungen aussen (H,L,B) ca. 320 x 450 x 230 mm
Abmessungen innen (H,L,B) ca. 236 x 379 x 155 mm
Kurzschlusssicher Ja
Thermisch gesichert Ja
Eigenverbrauch bei ausgeschaltetem Verbraucher < 1,0mA
Grüne LED Blinken: Anzeigen Spannung o.k. beim Einschalten
Anzeigen der Temperaturstufen
Dauerleuchten: Koffer in Betrieb
Rote LED Anzeigen der Heizung in Betrieb
Dauerleuchten mit Pipston: Falsche Spannung (Error)

For operation and use of the Lipo Heater Box LHK36/MC, each liability is rejected.  Read our restrictions for use, retrievably on our web page.

Manufacturer: SWISSRUMPF