Lipo-Saver LS200/MC 2s - 4s

Release 5

Protect your Lipo rechargeable batteries against damages through lower voltage.

Ideal protect against deep discharge
Protect against deep discharge

Thanks to most modern digital technology with microprocessor, the LS200/MC recognizes the correct cell number itself. If the Lipo rechargeable battery reaches its critical least voltage, the consumer automatically is uncoupled. A pulsating is prevented. The consumer remains turned off, also if the rechargeable battery voltage increases again. The working conditions are evident through LEDs. With slightest dimensions and only 16 grams, the Lipo Saver can very individually be used. Reference: The Lipo Saver is conceived for not security-related current consumers.

Ideally suited for the following scopes:

  • Video cameras
  • Immersion flight
  • Variometer
  • Data logger
  • Illumination systems, etc.


The LS200/MC recognizes self the correct cell number (2S-4S). Prerequisite is that the Lipocells are loaded correctly and completely. In the turning on, the cell number is indicated through blinking of the green LED. Example for a rechargeable battery with cells turned 3 in series (3S): Turn Lipo Saver (between rechargeable battery and consumer), green LED illuminates 2 seconds, then 3 times blinking (notice of the cell number), subsequently is engaged the consumer and illuminates the LED continually. In reaching of the lower voltage, the green LED turns off and the red LED blinks 20 times in the distance of 2 seconds. If a too high voltage, for example 5S more largely are connected or, an Error is released and is indicated with duration lamps of the red LED.

The new software release 5 prevents rapid activate of the Lipo-Saver at very short load of the batteries. (Start a engine, charge a capacitor etc.)


Cell numbers (area) 2 up to 4 Lipo cell
Turn off voltage 6.2 V at 2S
9.3 V at 3S
12.4 V at 4S
Max. Current (permanent) 35.0 A (20.0 A)
Weight (with cable) 16 g
Dimensions 16x45x10 mm
Short circuit neutralizing No
Heat protected No
Own consumption with turned on consumer < 8 mA
Own consumption with turned off consumer < 0,8mA
Green LED Blink: Notices of the cell number
Duration lamps: Consumers turned on
Red LED Blink (20 times): Consumers turned off: After that LED from
Duration lamps: Incorrect cell number

For operation and use of the Lipo Savers LS200/MC, each liability is rejected. Read our restrictions for use, retrievably on our web page.

Manufacturer: FE-Flighttech